Shweshwe SheepSkin Slippers

Made for many years of comfortable, cosy winters:  genuine sheepskin slippers and shweshwe combinations.  Who is to say comfortable can't be beautiful?

Shweshwe & Luxury Leather

Our premium range of genuine leather and shweshwe uppers in our latest range of supremely handcrafted, genuine leather, genuine shweshwe, genuine South African shoes.  #SwoonLikeALocal

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Shweshwe Sandals

Our all time classic t-bar sandals are a wardrobe staple of note.  Original shweshwe and leather in a comfortable, flat sandal for everyday wear.​


Pump it up!  Comfortable, flat pumps in classic shweshwe combinations.  Stick your feet into a pair and get going, Girl!  #WalkLikeALocal. 

Shweshwe Handbags

Whether you want to go 'matchy, matchy' on shoes or just add a touch of African magic to your outfit, our handbags will give you your shweshwe fix.  ​

Shweshwe Tackies

Our full colour, handcrafted tackies are made from leather, genuine Three Cats shweshwe fabric and a comfortable caramel sole.  Feel the beat, #WalkLikeALocal. Shop Like A Local.

Shweshwe Accessories

Make a statement with one of our unique neckpieces, handcrafted from shweshwe fabric combinations.  Wear to work, wear it to a special occasion, but whatever you do:  #WearItLikeALocal!

Shweshwe Ladies Lace Ups

Flat, all season lace ups in fun shweshwe combinations for ultimate comfort.  Your favourite flats are created from soft leather, shweshwe and a comfortable inner sole.